Winds, moody winds

Winds are in a good mood today,
Breezing past swifty, yet gentle.
Calming the senses.

Winds are soothing today,
Blowing past gently, unlike a storm.

Evoking positive thoughts, like vibes carrying me to a state of trance.

It oozes through the mind,
taking away the tension, the strain. Leaving behind a cool essence.

It seeps through my thoughts,
Filling the pores, making me feel good.

Yes, the winds are gentle today,, and soothing.

I like this state of wind the most, unlike it’s stillness when you can barely feel its breeze, or the storm you wish never came.

Wind is pouring itself onto me, and is a food for thought.

Would not talk much abt it more, for its other two forms might get jealous.

My younger self to me.

I have a weakness. I fall for beauty, easily. Not the beautiful, the beauty. I might not know the person. She could be a prospect for future liking, but it’s just the first flash I am here talking about. The first appearance which creates a wave, the first impact. And that matters, for some time at least; while other aspects of the person slowly unravel.

After the initial hook of attention, the person gets personified in my mind. And no points for guessing; I have a beautiful image of the person. Yup, it creates an impact. And, I have a weakness for beauty.

My most recent case is stuck. Somewhere between the imagery; and non-willingness to accept the reality. Reality, harsh it is; that she is beyond reach. But what is the harm in imagining, for I am young and free. Her beauty struck me, not as lightning or thunder. But something extraordinary. Her beauty, and her smile. That over whelming and flashy smile. That first thought stayed longer than usual, her smile mostly. Smiles are always good, when a person is not overtly expressive. And her smile is making its impact, and I cannot get over with.

Forgot to mention, her eyes to are astonishing too. Big, round and expressive eyes.

But the smile, yeah, it is something that cannot go unnoticed. Thinking of it is one true bliss. More enchanting it is when she has a knack for it, i.e, grabbing attention. O God-I have got to hold her some day and feel her in my arms. She smiles as she passes me, at times looking at me but mostly stealing glances. It could possibly be my over-excitement, that I rejoice myself having her in vicinity. But the smile stays, even in her absence. Could also be something else that keeps me hooked, to her thoughts.

Man, I need to grow up, else this would get me into a trial. But as they say, life tries us all. So, why not do it a little playfully. She tries to get my attention. And I need just one chance, which I know is tough to come by. For, the moment as appropriate to approach her and my heart (joyful) enough to respond; at the same time, I know is tough to come by.

Till the day, I hope of keep myself occupied. I need to grow up too.

But don’t you think this could be real? I think it is. The instinct, the gut feeling would be key. The timing of response would hold my destiny.

For now, have to get back at work. Would be back discussing something more striking a feature in her. Till then-TADA.